1949 - Youth Camp Middlesex was established under the direction of Rev. Emery Williams along with Rev. Hudson as Camp Manager. Rev. Williams dreamed of offering youth camp on "Zion's Hill" and sacrificed much for the attainment of that dream.


1959 - Bro. Russell C. Phillips, Sr. became the director along with the business manager, Bro. Joseph Durham and Youth Camp Middlesex experienced much growth.


2006 - Under Director, Sis. Sherill Durham Sanders and Business Manager, Pastor Don Bethany, Youth Camp West Middlesex returned after a brief hiatus from the NACOG.


Our Mission

To provide a means of sharing and reinforcing the gospel of Christ in the lives of elementary, junior and senior high school youth; of both church and unchurched families, through the medium of camping and the following objectives:


1. To develop sound Christian character

2. To develop the ability to live, work, play and worship together in a group dynamic

3. To provide clean, wholesome recreation

4. To reveal the beauty and wonder of nature

5. To develop good leaders and good followers


A Day at Camp

A day at camp consists of morning rise and stretch, Christian "Connection" classes, the Arts (dance, drama, music), crafts, and evening vespers. Special activities include, swimming, bowling, sport events, bonfire, talent night, cookout, concluding with a Camper vs. Counselor basketball and volleyball game, huge field day, and Coronation, where outstanding campers are crowned King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Camp Middlesex.


Board of Directors

Consist of many professional, experienced, diverse individuals that work with youth in their local church, it is a requirement that they confess a personal relationship with Christ, are in good standing with their local congregation, and have their Pastor's approval. Many are former campers, and all staff receive a background check.


Rev. Don Bethany, New York

Sis. Sherill Sanders, Kentucky

Lady Doris Davis, Maryland

Sis. Danielle Sanders, Kentucky

Sis. Diondreia “Sherill” Sanders, Kentucky

Rev. Rhema Davis, Maryland

Bro. Bernard Durham, Maryland

Sis. Deidre Sanders-Frye, Colorado

Sis. Portia Shephard, Pennsylvania

Sis. Joette Gibbs, Pennsylvania

If you have any questions about camp, sponsorship, or donations, please call Director Sherill Durham Sanders at (859) 797-1523.  All contributions are tax deductible and can be made out to and sent to:


Youth Camp West Middlesex

 P. O. Box 595

West Middlesex, PA 16159


God Bless,


Youth Camp West Middlesex Board

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