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Sherill Durham Sanders Scholarship

Director Sherill Durham Sanders attended Youth Camp West Middlesex as a camper many years ago.  She enjoyed the fellowship with campers, as well as the opportunity to grow closer to God.  Her parents, Joe and Mary Lee (Davis) Durham, served Youth Camp West Middlesex in numerous capacities throughout the years and always had a heart for the campers.

After youth camp took a hiatus, Dir. Sanders had an interest in bringing it back to West Middlesex.  In 2006, she along with several board members, finally welcomed the return of Youth Camp West Middlesex, with her in the role as director! In 2015, after a decade of service to the board and Youth Camp West Middlesex, the board honored Director Sanders for her hard work and dedication by starting the Sherill Durham Sanders scholarship.


The SDS scholarship is awarded to a deserving Youth West Middlesex camper after graduation from high school.  It is a

one-time cash award to be used towards post-secondary educational needs.  The recipient must be accepted into a higher learning program in the fall semester after their high school graduation.



Interested candidates must apply during the summer after their graduation from high school and write at least a one-page paper including the following:  Name, history as a camper with Youth Camp West Middlesex (how long you’ve been attending, why you attend, how you’ve grown closer to God, etc.), future educational and career goals and why you deserve the scholarship.  The candidate must also be an active camper the summer of their application.


The scholarship is presented the week of camp, during Friday’s coronation service.  The recipient is mailed a check once class schedule and enrollment in school have been verified. The number of scholarships awarded will depend on the availability of scholarship funds, which are provided through donations and the children and grandchildren of Sherill D. Sanders.